Friday, August 13, 2010

My first ever post

    Hello everyone this is my first Blog I have ever written. So if it seems boring or not interesting don't worry it will get alot better, Just like with wine it gets alot better with age and time. So if you don't know me my name is Leah and I live in Florida with my husband and two boys. Dylan just turned 6 years old and he is your typical boy that loves everything to do with super heroes. He is a very sweet and sensitive child. I also have a baby who is 14 months old. His name is Gabriel, I always call him Gabe. He is a smart and beutiful baby. 
   My husband and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe where the time has gone. We have been together 12 years. He works very hard for his family and I love him for that.
     This is my first year homeschooling Dylan. He is now in first grade. He went to a private school last year which he really  enjoyed. When we moved here about 5 months ago I was thinking alot about public school vs homeschool for my children and I realized that each child learns in thier own special way and I wanted to bring out the best in that with my children. I have been doing alot of research on homeschooling and I realized that this is the best for our family and I am very grateful that I am able to do this for them.
     I would like to post alot about how our homeschooling is going throughout the year and post pictures from time to time. Thank you for reading my story I really hope you come back to see how things are going and to visit, ( Dylans' School of Rock) He named his school.


  1. Hi! I'm following you via the homeschool lounge. Pop over to my blog to if you get a chance. Looking forward to seeing what's in store for you this year.

  2. Hi Leah! Just stopping by from the Homeschool Lounge too! Welcome to blogging...I just started this summer and am really enjoying it. Welcome to homeschooling too...We're starting our 5th year and still loving it! Happy Blogging, Julie

  3. Coming from the Homeschool Lounge. Welcome! This has been my first year blogging, it has been fun and I am still learning alot. Stop by my blog sometime. I am going to follow you.

  4. Following you from the Homeschool Lounge:-) What part of Florida do you live in? I'm in the Tampa area.

  5. I would like to also pass on a Lovely Blog Award to you. You can stop by my blog to pick it up.